Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mud, stone & slate...

...Once the hearty ingredients to an early settlement building circa 7500 BC; now the gorgeous earthy palette found in trendy contemporary interiors.

Ever since the nudes and warm flesh tones hit the fashion highstreet I've been waiting with keen anticipation for its appearance in the interior world. Ali Allen and Rachel Christensen are two featured Stylists who perfectly capture this on trend palette. Using soft, smooth shapes reminiscent of flow-like earthy channels with geometric shapes, they create a truly natural yet strongly engaging composition.

All above images are photographed by Ali Allen

You can view further works of Stylist Ali Allen by clicking through to visit her online portfolio.

Assisting for Rachel, amongst other great stylists in London's hub of creativity, provided me with a solid base with which to pursue my own creativity. Although the website is under construction there are a few select images to showcase Rachel's portfolio. Celebrating this nature inspired colour trend, here is a lovely interior shot featuring lots of stone and earthy green tones.

Styled by Rachel Christensen

A series of simple yet beautifully intriguing images have inspired my next styling shoot plans. Below, my moodboard features Ali Allen, Rachel Whiting and Lucyina Moodie's work.

I look forward to sharing the styled images soon....

One to watch: Kitchen favourite, Plain English Design have been brushing up their latest cupboard designs with an effortless palette of greys and stone.

Hyacinths and January 2011

Here's hoping this inspirational image by Jane Cumberbatch puts a spring in your step for a new year and new goals set to achieve.

Whether it's fat burning New year's resolutions, career progression, or home-life goals - to finally sort out that damp problem (a personal one of mine!), tend to your garden more dearly (another of mine), or really set out to show those people who mean the world to you by spontaneous acts of love and kindness (again, me) - GO FOR IT!!! Belief will bring you the world.