Sunday, 24 January 2010

The writing's on the wall

In Living etc this month I came across this uber cool property designed and owned by creative furniture designer Jimmie Karlsson, and his partner Rick Shultz in trendy north London. Like stepping into a cutting-edge Shoredtich gallery I felt immediately inspired by their effective use of writing and graffiti which seemed to complete the overall design perfectly. With a monochrome base palette they have cleverly contrasted bright, bold accents to brighten the space and give it artistic character. Although the styling is a little masculine for me I felt the need to share their creative talent with you.

Living etc magazine

For more information on Jimmie Karlsson's graffiti wallpaper, visit

A recent trend that has grown on me considerably since thumbing through this feature is the idea of a blackboard wall. Particularly in kitchen's or near the front door, I think they have everlasting practical use. Whether you need to jot down a 'note to self' or you fancy listing out your dinner party menu for your inquisitive guests, it serves a great purpose. Far from that stage myself but a worthy tip nonetheless, what about children's times tables or spellings...! Having them written by the door or in the kitchen would surely help the little ones remember those real toughies.

You'll find blackboard paint available at most DIY retailers.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Wishful thinking

With my lavender coloured hyacinth in full bloom I can't help but wish for the colours and scents of Spring. Although we don't have our own garden we do have a healthy sized tiled patio which is great for decorating with pretty terracotta pots filled with garden herbs and flowers. Currently I'm going through a phase of loving fresh mint tea and literally can't seem to grow it quick enough. Coriander is another favourite of mine in Vietnamese pho soup and Spanish quesadillas.

US Country Living stylist Hester Page has really encapsulated what I'm longing for in what seems a rather long awaited Spring, what with all our snowy winter blues. I hope these delightful photos help you get through these long dark days and look forward to a brighter Spring ahead.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Is it just me or is the worst part of everyone's day the first 5 minutes of every morning when you contemplate what would happen if you 'snoozed' your alarm one more time... or indeed did not turn up for work? Would they even notice your absence? For that split second every morning I deliberate these very questions and I think my eiderdown has something to do with it. I'm not sure whether it's the extra weight of it resting gently on top of my duvet, or the heat it so readily provides that I enjoy most - either way I'm thoroughly thankful of it this winter.

Selina Lake

As well as functional, eiderdowns are a beautiful accessory to any bedroom. Mine is just like this pretty paisley one!

Raggedroses on Flickr

Monday, 4 January 2010

Pale & Interesting

I came across Pale & Interesting a while ago but I must admit forgot to broadcast such findings. Since my New Year's resolution is to act on the present rather than make a note only to forget about it later. I must say this feels rather good... I do hope I can sustain this good beginning.

Pale & Interesting is the creation of husband and wife team, Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote. Having each successfully worked in the magazine, photography and design industries for the last 20 years you can only imagine their collective talent. The prolific producers of interior design bibles, furniture, products and magazine features - this is their new baby, born of their shared passions and beliefs.

What's great is their philosophy to mix it all up. Timely and in-vogue they are set to soar. Collecting old with new, contrasting rough with smooth and teaming femininity with utility. And the best bit is... it's so easy to achieve in your home. An exclusive find at a local antique fairs and a few handcrafted accessories and you're pretty there.

I could tell almost immediately on browsing the online collections at Pale & Interesting that Atlanta had to be of good Styling breed, and low and behold I was correct. Showcased on Atlanta's personal website there are some truly mesmorising images and a stack of great books on household styling tips.

I hope you enjoy pondering these poetic pics.