Monday, 4 January 2010

Pale & Interesting

I came across Pale & Interesting a while ago but I must admit forgot to broadcast such findings. Since my New Year's resolution is to act on the present rather than make a note only to forget about it later. I must say this feels rather good... I do hope I can sustain this good beginning.

Pale & Interesting is the creation of husband and wife team, Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote. Having each successfully worked in the magazine, photography and design industries for the last 20 years you can only imagine their collective talent. The prolific producers of interior design bibles, furniture, products and magazine features - this is their new baby, born of their shared passions and beliefs.

What's great is their philosophy to mix it all up. Timely and in-vogue they are set to soar. Collecting old with new, contrasting rough with smooth and teaming femininity with utility. And the best bit is... it's so easy to achieve in your home. An exclusive find at a local antique fairs and a few handcrafted accessories and you're pretty there.

I could tell almost immediately on browsing the online collections at Pale & Interesting that Atlanta had to be of good Styling breed, and low and behold I was correct. Showcased on Atlanta's personal website there are some truly mesmorising images and a stack of great books on household styling tips.

I hope you enjoy pondering these poetic pics.

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