Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Best in Show: Christmas Cards

Hello friends.

It seems to be taking much longer than anticipated to show you my gorgeously transformed pumpkins, promised earlier this month! They are coming soon, in the form of beautiful animated Gifs. Myself and co-worker, Malcolm Menzies have been trialling new ways to style/shoot animated images for the evolving technological world we live in! Apple apps is the place to be apparently. As soon as they are complete I shall post them up for you to see :)

In the meantime I wanted to share a few of the best in festive stationery currently hitting our concrete, and abstract (online) high streets.

Papermash is always a favourite of mine (although I did get a job-lot of charity ones this year from paperchase!) - especially this clever and truly stand-out stunning card with 3D pop out winter wonderland!

I love these nostalgic ones too....

Urban Outfitters has a few winners: The limited edition Rob Ryan number is positively electric...
And it would just be cruel of me not to tell you about Christmas at the The Original Pop-up Shop, what with their cuter than cute paper bags with doilies and handmade crochet decorations... Historically the shop is a family run ice-cream parlour, but for 6 weeks of the year it opens as a Christmas Pop-Up Shop. If you're unable to visit (unfortunately I fall into this category) I recommend you visit online! Enjoy x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Love at first sight...

Discovering a new designer, product, magazine, artwork that you just fall in love with immediately can't simply be a coincidence. I was quite obviously meant to stumble upon Anthology. A fall I did. I couldn't be more smitten with my just-this-minute-purchased UK subscription, due to arrive safely on my doorstep in two long weeks.

Here is a snippet of the current issue and a little sample of my new love... organically grown from a little cafe in San Francisco by two clearly talented creatives ~ Anh-Minh & Meg. I thank you.

Another goal for the life-list, I must design, launch and edit my very own lifestyle title before I'm 50.

L x

Painted pumpkins

Just a quick one to share the inspiration for a shoot I'm doing next Tuesday. I love the idea of painting gorgeously shaped objects, and why not make use of the seasonal pumpkin!

US blog Perfectly Imperfect featured these images last month...