Sunday, 24 January 2010

The writing's on the wall

In Living etc this month I came across this uber cool property designed and owned by creative furniture designer Jimmie Karlsson, and his partner Rick Shultz in trendy north London. Like stepping into a cutting-edge Shoredtich gallery I felt immediately inspired by their effective use of writing and graffiti which seemed to complete the overall design perfectly. With a monochrome base palette they have cleverly contrasted bright, bold accents to brighten the space and give it artistic character. Although the styling is a little masculine for me I felt the need to share their creative talent with you.

Living etc magazine

For more information on Jimmie Karlsson's graffiti wallpaper, visit

A recent trend that has grown on me considerably since thumbing through this feature is the idea of a blackboard wall. Particularly in kitchen's or near the front door, I think they have everlasting practical use. Whether you need to jot down a 'note to self' or you fancy listing out your dinner party menu for your inquisitive guests, it serves a great purpose. Far from that stage myself but a worthy tip nonetheless, what about children's times tables or spellings...! Having them written by the door or in the kitchen would surely help the little ones remember those real toughies.

You'll find blackboard paint available at most DIY retailers.

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