Sunday, 15 November 2009

handmade with care

It was only yesterday I was thinking 'where could I find a hand crafted knitted tea cosie for my beautiful mint green dotty teapot...?' then I found Laura Long. Laura is such a talented young designer with a simple love of traditional crafts and vintage treasures. Handmade with care and great consideration, Laura's products have a real nostalgia about them. I love the layout of her website and they way in which she displays her girly gifts, using a polaroid illustration and eclectic typewriter font to label them.

Not just a great designer, Laura shares her talent for knitting with others, at her London studio or in the comfort of your own home! I keep meaning to book a refresher knitting course but I am yet to find a partner in crime...

See below my Christmas wish list....

To see more of this crafty collection visit Laura's online shop

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