Thursday, 18 February 2010

Spectacular spirals

Spirograph rears it's retro head once again, bridging the gap between interiors and fashion. Decade after decade it never fails to create such wonderment amongst not just children, but design-appreciating adults too. I've been admiring it's recent development across various mediums of communication and feel the time has come to recognise it as a true art form, step back and enjoy it's beauty.

Appreciated for it's simple symmetrical beauty in a contemporary interior.

Quirky fashion designs featuring the famous interlocking shapes. Matthew Williamson's roll neck maxi dress is just draw-dropping isn't it...?! Closely seconded by the strapless cocktail number, also Matthew Williamson.

Gloria from Gloria Wong Design was the creative genius behind the following Spirograph styled party featured on Design Sponge recently.

Gloria has some truly unique talent, and from spending some time looking at her Wedding design website you'll surely agree. From a fashion design background there is sharp eye for detail and earnest love of individuality. I must say though, the weddings Gloria has designed are somewhat budget-less and overstated affairs, yet always considered and nothing short of stunning.

I'm looking to bring a bit of this spherical action into my home, any ideas of where I can buy a screen print with resembling features would be much appreciated?

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  1. Great post! Love the concentric circles and repeat patterns.

    Check out this site, these guys are the masters of pattern and vector!

    I particularly like the geometric book.