Monday, 12 April 2010

Columbia Road

This Sunday was a truly delightful one. It was spent pottering around Columbia Road flower market in East London, tucking into fresh mint tea from an Italian kiosk and sharing a posh hot dog, as a quick fix for our elevenses. Pork and herb sausage cut in half smothered in caramelized onions, mustard and a sprig of rocket, sandwiched in a floury ciabatta bun - it was divine!

Having spent a beautiful morning, meandering down Columbia Road in a slowly flowing river of market goers, we decided to make a quick bargain as the stalls were starting to close - I'd read that morning it was better to wait for the last hour when prices are slashed considerably - and walked away with two big bouquets of blooming hyacinth stalks for £4.

pretty coloured straw baskets - perfect beachwear

After the market we headed down to Spitalfields where we laid out in the sun with girl friends and caught up on friendly gossip. I hope you all had an equally fab sunny Sunday.

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