Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Hermes in Wonderland

I hope I've kept you in much anticipation for what was the certainly the best Decorex show I have ever been to!!

Andrew Martin stole the show again for me with the most creatively daring stand, complete with a 20ft tall, trojan elephant. Nelly (the elephant) towered over their stand making quite a dark and dramatic space, the perfect backdrop for their collections of vintage and theatrical pieces.

I managed to sneakily (against protocol) take a few photos...

Hermes and Harlequin Tabletop collaborated to create a true Alice in Wonderland experience - awkwardly asymmetrical and muddled in a dimly lit canvas burrow! It was a fantastically dreamlike space filled with treasures displayed on delicate twig and moss covered creations. Lit in golden uplighters, I felt compelled to hover and absorb as much quirky creativity as possible before stepping back onto the perfecly perpendicular walkways of the standardised exhibition hall. A dull realisation in comparison.

I'm big on texture at the moment - fur, cut leather, embellishments, hammered surfaces, worn looking layers - here are a few pieces that stood out to me as individual artworks that could work in almost any interior style...

More to come but my camera battery's dying...

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