Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Creative Duo: Sibella & Chris Court

Initially I thought this pair must be a couple, as I started to notice their names frequently appearing together... there does seem to be a common theme in the industry that great stylists and photographers tend to shack up together - making the ultimate power couple in the design world! But to my surprise I discovered, after a bit of googling/top investigative work, that it is in fact their genetic connection as brother and sister, which has united them.

Their work is visionary, conceptual and evocative, and I can't get enough. Here is a snapshot of some of my favourites posted on Chris Court's online portfolio.

In addition to being an internationally travelled stylist and interior designer, Sibella has opened up an enchanting shop in Paddington, Sydney, which she has carefully filled with curious objects, salvaged finds, home made trinkets and her own environmentally sensitive paint collection for Murobond. You can view the shop and Sibella's portfolio at The Society Inc. Her handiwork reminds me of the relaxed and almost haphazard styling of Anthropologie's installations... swoon...

I'm so inspired by this creative pair I've actually paused while writing this post to purchase their coffee table book Etcetera - awarded Best Designed Book and Best Designed General Illustrated Book at the APA Annual Design Awards 2010.

I hope you've enjoyed their work as much as me!

L x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pics, I especially like that rustic 2-seater bench image...oooh and the doughnuts on the tray look very yummy!

  2. Funny that you say that But Sibella has styled for anthropology. She is a bit of a super star in Australia. Her brother, although probably not as well known is equally talented as his sister.

  3. Her other book 'A stylists guide to NYC' Is great eye candy as well.

  4. Thank you for your comments! I would love to take a tour round NYC with her book tucked under my arm.