Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ralph Lauren Home - New Collection

My lovely friend, and PR Manager for Ralph Lauren Home, kindly invited me to join the exciting unveiling of the new collection, California Romantic, this week.

Unbeknown to me, each season the basement showroom of their New Bond Street flagship store goes under dramatic transformation to showcase new collections - from wall panels to plaster finishes, everything gets ripped out and refitted out for the new collection. One might say this is quite an extravagant demonstration of retail merchandising, although for the leading American lifestyle brand it is a necessary expense. I had the exclusive pleasure of a sneak preview 3 weeks ago, when Charlotte and I caught up for an early breakfast at very chic Cecconis... wallpaper drops were partially hung, plaster work under construction, abundant piles of new product overflowing onto newly fitted carpets... it was AMAZING!

This collection is all about creating a beautiful and romantic space with African inspired texture, leather hides, and natural materials - both through the linens and the woven details in the home accessories. Apparently starting out as a strong African theme, the collection was softened and feminised quickly with the change to a Californian setting. Immediately the collection was transformed to possess that very commercial and aspirational, All-American Ralph Lauren look.

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