Saturday, 24 September 2011

New friends

Although I did come across Baileys website quite some time ago, somehow my memory of it got buried and I forgot about my promise to visit. It wasn't until I happened upon their stand at 100% Design show, Earls Court, this week - most definitely worth a visit to see some of the most innovative and trend setting designers there are in Britain, and internationally - where I met Sally Bailey and her husband Mark. Their stand stood out like a sore thumb with it's rusty and almost grubby looking recycled goods, compared to the super-slick and the contemporary high gloss finishes of surrounding stands.

I love that their fondness of old treasures and battered belongings has a sense of forgiveness and truth to it unlike other vintage collectors I've seen. Not only do they make a living from restoring and reselling old furniture and interesting objects, which there seems to be a growing marketplace for, it is what they love and are visibly passionate about. Like ducks to water - this industry was made for the Baileys.

The stripped back, unfinished, unpainted, look is what Sally and Mark refer to as 'undecoration' - a term they have coined to describe their passion for recycling, and their rather unhealthy relationship with paint stripper. Their home, like a much-loved teddybear, has worn edges and pulls in the stitching. And they wouldn't have it any other way. "We understand that people might not get it," says Sally, "but it's what we like."

From their portfolio of interior 'undecoration' books here are some of my favourite images...

Handmade Home is their latest book to be published by Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd and photographed by the wonderful Debi Treloar, which is available now from Waterstones.

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