Tuesday, 4 October 2011

London Design Festival 2011

[LOVE] Ceila Birtwell's new book

So this year's London Design Festival has been and gone again, and my promise to visit more events and installations this year goes with it. They really need to post listings months before to ensure I get diary space to visit them all - I blame the organisers.... because it's easier. My difficultly is that I get immersed in projects and can't then see the value of taking time out to absorb yet more inspiration. Sometimes I feel as though I'm full to the brim and couldn't possibly take in any more, but maybe I just need to learn to be a better multi-tasker. I hear myself calling...'Muuuuum!'.

Here are a handful of my favourite exhibitors/stands/designs showcased at this year's Decorex...

Ceila Birtwell's New Fabric Collection

Playful and colourful - that's what we like!

Volga Linen

I love Volga's new Herringbone Oatmeal Upholstery fabric - unfortunately I don't have an image to share, only a cutting in my press pack :(

Margo Selby

I was thrilled to meet Margo after featuring her hot-off-the-press and gorgeously graphic Iceni silk cushion (above) in a shoot last month. Hosted by Crafted, a mentoring programme passionate about connecting the skills of those who have built successful businesses with those who have the potential to do so, a seminar slot at Decorex introduced 12 carefully selected candidates who have since reached personal success. Margo is one of these extremely talented and entrepreneurial creatives.

I loved listening to the journey she and her crafty team undertook to develop a stronger, yet equally intricate, weave especially for her new upholstering fabric collection.

Not forgetting Nicky Haslam's incredible under the sea themed installation at the main entrance of Decorex - here are some photos borrowed from his blog...

P.S. Thanks mum for a lovely tea and cake pit stop before I begrudgingly left you to indulge further, while I rushed off to a client appointment Xx

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